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The story behind the story:


August Red is a story I conceptualised for my Directing for Screen Film Certificate Class at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. The specific assignment was to write and create a couple of scenes involving two characters, one of whom had to be a distinct main character. The main character had to have a need which is hard to achieve because they encounter obstacles throughout the story. The film had to contain one visual surprise. There was no dialogue permitted during the piece and there had to be a minimum of two locations. 


From the very beginning I wanted to try something different, to venture into a darkness I hadn't yet attempted. I have always maintained that my films should trigger some sort of emotional response from it's viewers. That response could be happiness, excitement, warmth or in this case, disgust and a lack of comfort. 


Writer & Director: Kurt Devonshire




I wanted to create a strong yet flawed character in this piece. While she encounters her obstacles, she is the one who figures out her own solutions. The flaw comes with the way she executes her solutions and essentially these actions are triggered by her need and her want.



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