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A girl wakes up in an unfamiliar place. She tries to get out but the doors are locked. Will she escape her mysterious prison?


The story behind the story:


So it's Spring Break 2015 here at Rutgers University and I happen to be the RA on duty for the whole break. What better way is there to pass time than to make a film? I sat down with my friend Ally who visited me from UNH, and we decided we wanted to do a short.

Writer & Director: Kurt Devonshire

“Working with him is sure to be exciting and fun. He isn’t afraid to take risks and he makes each project bigger and better than the last.”

Ally Foy, lead actress in Cognisance

The story was conceptualised, written, shot, graded and edited within 48 hours. It is raw, young filmmaking instinct on display. Initially this film was supposed to just be a camera test as I was already gearing up to shoot Locksmith, but I decided to make it a story.  


Big thank you to the actresses and actor, Ally Foy, Sherley Clerjuste and Marcus Rountree.

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