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There are not many men like Gerry Cutter; one of the most feared and ruthless gangsters the East Coast has ever seen. After inheriting his late father’s empire, Gerry and his older brother Tony seek to further the Cutter name and legacy. 


However, there are forces at work that would rather the “Cutter” name echo through the halls of a prison, rather than on the streets. When tensions arise what will come first, family or business?

Writer & Director: Kurt Devonshire

Executive Producers: Natalie James, Kunal Kumar, Azra Devonshire & John Devonshire

Cinematography: Phillip Shvartsman & Brendan Jenkins

Edited by: Kenny Concepcion, Kurt Devonshire, Brendan Jenkins, Natalie James & Kunal Kumar

SFX Makeup: Susan Lombardi

Production Design: Thalia Contreras

Original Soundtrack: Kenny Concepcion & Triumph Iomega


Gerry Cutter - Dan English

Tony Cutter - Brandon West

Bobby Berg - Israel Harney





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Lead Vendetta (2015)

*Karen Deonandan wishes to be removed from this production.

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