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It is the year 2056 and the world is as expected, a complete mess. Global warming has run amok and overpopulation is starting to take its toll. In this world, people don't vacation anymore because there is nowhere nice left to visit in 2056. That's where Clockwork comes in, as a Time Travel Tourism corporation, they facilitate the exploration of the past with their time tours. 

In this story we follow a young time travel tour guide called Archie Carson, who is obsessed with his job. He aspires to be the Head of Time Travel one day, to work directly under the father of time travel himself, Travis Heaton. However, Archie's hopes of attaining his dream job are at risk when he loses a tourist in the Cretaceous Period...

A proper time travel action adventure with lots of twists and turns, dinosaurs, Muhammad Ali and much more. Written as a feature film. 

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