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"I had the privilege and opportunity to work on and off the camera with Kurt, and he gets that much more better with each project. The first time we worked together, we filmed for 8 hours straight through the night until sunrise. Every take was the most important one. He was the epitome of determined and focused. As an artist, he knows exactly what he wants and has an uncanny ability to quickly develop chemistry with his actors and crew. When it comes to finding the right shot, he knows where to be and you know he will be there. He has a unique cinematography style that is his trademark, and that is that he leaves you wanting more. A Kurt Devonshire film isn't just a film, it's a glimpse into the mind's eye of a true artist's imagination.

Israel Harney, Lead actor in Locksmith


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“Kurt’s writing, directing and cinematography are improving and evolving at a rapid speed. Working with him is sure to be exciting and fun. He isn’t afraid to take risks and he makes each project bigger and better than the last. He will work tirelessly until his projects showcase exactly what skills he is highlighting and working on at the moment. I have no doubt his career will take off soon if he continues at the pace he is going now.”


Ally Foy, Lead actress in Cognisance


“Working with Kurt feels incredibly organic and refreshing. He is a director who has a vivid vision of what his work should look like, but what makes him different is the way he allows the journey of the production to really sculpt the piece. The quality of style and his precision he brings out of his actors and staff is truly a testament to how much respect and passion exists on his set.”


Daniel K. English, Lead actor in Lead Vendetta


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