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Ashford Bailey, a ruffian from the streets of inner city London, works a dead end job as a locksmith to pay for his dying father's care worker. 

Constantly struggling to make ends meet, Ashford puts his skills as a locksmith to the ultimate test and steals for the first time. Unknowingly, he takes his first steps into a vast underworld full of thieves, fixers and assassins, and a bonkers adventure begins for the young man as he begins to discover his true family heritage...

It's safe to say that Ashford's choices are frowned upon by those closest to him. But as bad as thieves are, there are much less desirable characters than thieves that lurk in the shadows of London... 

The Locksmith is a gritty blend of a dark world with realistic characters who possess fantastical abilities. Written for television and streaming. Inspired by the short film: Locksmith. 

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