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An aspiring writer flirts with fate as he finds himself at a crossroad.


The story behind the story:


Where it all began. I’m sitting in my dorm room at university studying for my exams when my good friend Jaime Santos rocks up at the door. Of course, he wasn’t actually my good friend then, more of a dorm hall acquaintance. He asked me if I wanted to participate in CMF, which stands for Campus Movie Fest, the largest student film festival in the world. He had seen some of my more jokey videos on youtube and assumed I would be interested.


I told him no, I had 2 exams to study for and I didn’t need the added pressure, plus I had no time. To his credit, he wouldn’t leave me alone, and after 3 times of me saying no to him he still maintained that I should do it. Out of frustration, and mainly just to shut him up, I agreed reluctantly to head down to the CMF stand and see what the competition was all about.


Together with Jaime, one of my best friends Lana Rae West, and my girlfriend at the time Sheza, we produced this film in just one weekend.

The Writer


This was conceptualised by Sheza Tariq; the idea was that I would play a writer who has a setback, and this setback really drives him to the edge. We wanted to create something where the character is pushed to the limit and has a choice to make. It’s important to note that this idea was thought up in a very limited amount of time, Shiz did a great job with the story and then we set about putting it on the screen.


That marked the start of what I hope is going to be a very long and special journey. It has definitely been special thus far. Our film, The Writer, placed in the top 16 films at our university. With no knowledge of how things work on a set, with absolutely no technical training in cinematography, we managed to get recognised.This film will always hold a special place in my heart because it was driven by passion and creativity.

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