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Mild mannered veterinarian, Gil Richards, has a brush with Death that was not in his destiny when he is killed in a car accident. 

When he finds himself in limbo on the boat of the River Styx with no coin to pay for passage, he makes a bargain with the grim reaper, Death himself, to help others pay for passing so that he would be able to save his own soul. 

Gil wakes up back in his bed next to his wife, ready to continue on with his life, assuming his encounter with the Grim Reaper was just a bad dream... until he sees Death standing at the end of the bed... and Death wants him murder people for him... to help them pass, of course... 

Un-Dead is a horror, comedy and fantasy thrill ride that scrutinizes fate, morality and how far a man will go to protect his family. Created for television and streaming and the project is currently in development. 

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